Spring Bulb Show 2021

The Spring Bulb Show held annually following the March winter lecture was not possible this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Following the success of our Virtual Flower Show in the autumn of 2020 we are pleased to be able to show you the Spring Bulb Show 2021 photographic contributions of our members.

To view a slideshow you can click on one photo and then use the arrows to navigate through the photos.

“A stunning display of Spring in the garden”

Thank you to our contributors below:

A. McGregor, A. McKinney, C. Houston, D. MacDuff, D. Russell, D. Harrison, E. Manson, E. Marcroft, H. Calvert, I. Gillone, J. Douglas, J. O’Rourke, J. Russell, L. Bradley, L. McFie, M. Harkness, M. Houston, N. Adams, N. Cameron, P. Aldsworth, P. McKerrell, R. Nott,