Flower Show 2022

The Flower Show 2022 will be held on Saturday 3rd September in Kilmacolm Community Centre. Doors open 10.30 to close of Show at 3.00p.m when Prizegiving will take place.

Here is this year’s schedule.

Previous cupwinners 2021 Flower Show.

D. Russell – best exhibit in Sweet Peas, Chrysanthemum, Tomatoes, most points in Vegetables section.

A. Aitken – best exhibit in Dahlias, Onions, most points in Cut Flowers section.

P. Wilson – best exhibit in Herbaceous

M. Gallagher – best exhibit in Gladioli

I. Gillone – best exhibit in Fuchsias

P.McKerrell – best exhibit in KHS Top Vase

C. Smith – best exhibit in Pot Plants

I. Morrice – most points in Pot Plants

J. O’Rourke – most points in Homebaking

H. Calvert – most points in Floral Art

Morven Armour – winner of the Novices section

C. Smith – The Most Meritorious Exhibit in the Kilmacolm Flower Show.

                       Photos of previous shows:

Some pictures from the 2017 Show :

Some Pictures from the 2016 Show

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