The Kilmacolm Horticultural Society has a long tradition in our community, founded in 1879, open to all those with a keen interest in the nurture of gardening.

The Society covers a range of activities through the year the highlight of which is the annual flower Show. Lectures in the winter are well supported and spring and summer Outings cover many places of horticultural interest. The annual Coffee Morning is a great fundraising event supported by many volunteers from our membership.

Members of committee:

Chairman :  Ian Morrice

Vice-chairman: Peter Klovborg

Secretary: Jill Russell

Treasurer: Irene Gillone

Flower Show conveners: Ian Morrice, Ken Graham

Refreshments convener: Helen Cook

Committee:  Carina Bull, Mary Ludwig, Jennifer O’Rourke, Susan Houston, Colin Houston

Vice-presidents: Ken Graham, Andrew Spence

Contact Us:

If you would be interested in joining the committee, please contact our secretary.

For details of membership, or further details of the work of the Society please contact our secretary Jill Russell

tel: 01505 872393

email: jill.russ100@btinternet.com