The Flower and Produce Show for 2019 will be held on Saturday 7th September.  details to be announced.

Kilmacolm Flower Show 2018

Results of the Show held on 8th September, 2018

Derrick Russell: Best exhibit in Annuals, best exhibit in Chrysanthemum,
Best exhibit in Gladioli, most pts in Annuals, most pts in Sect.3 Vegetables

Andy Aitken: Best exhibit in Dahlias, most points in Dahlias, best exhibit in Potplants, most points in Sect2 Potplants/Container,  most pts in Onions

Derrick Russell and Andy Aitken shared the Cup for most points in Section 1 Cut Flowers

Dr Ian Morrice : Best exhibit in Fuchsias

Mrs Helen Abram : Best exhibit in Tubs/Containers/Hanging Baskets

Jim McCann: Best exhibit in Sweet Peas

Mrs Lynda McFie : Best exhibit in Herbaceous

Mrs Margaret Anderson: Best exhibit in Roses

Ronald M Craig : Best exhibit in Tomatoes

Mrs Anna McKenzie : Best exhibit in  TOP VASE

Miss Orla O’Rourke : Best exhibit in Children’s Section

Mrs Jennifer O’Rourke: Most points in Section 5 Homebaking/Kitchencraft

Mr John Sharp : Most points in section 4 Novices

Mrs Wendy Coughtrie : Most points in Section 6 Floral Art

The Kilmacolm Primary School PICTURE GALLERY .
Winner: Aspen Ross  HIghly Commended : All entrants from Kilmacolm Primary School

                       Photos of the 2018 Show:



Some pictures from the 2017 Show :

Some Pictures from the 2016 Show

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